With Natie and Cristie Sotana, your future is in good hands.

Cristie Lane Sotana-Tayde

Cristie was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Although Cristie has just officially joined forces with her mom as a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant, she has been working with her mother, Natie, governing immigration services as an Administrative Officer since 2003.  

Cristie, who is the eldest  of the sibling, attended the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation  from the Faculty of Forestry, and eventually selected to be grandfathered into the Global Perspectives Major .  

In 2009, Cristie decided to dedicate herself to BC Happy Homes and the immigration consultancy profession.  Cristie returned to UBC, but this time to pursue a continuing studies in Canada Immigration Practitioner Course.  Cristie completed the course and immediately challenged the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants exam.  She has then joined her mother as a fully-fledged Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant and a full member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) ever since.

Cristie accompanies her mother on frequent travels to the Philippines, where they run several offices, headed by her dad Gercris Sotana, and hold seminars in various locations.  Through what has now evolved into a family business enterprise,  Natie and Cristie have been able to assist people from many countries and cultures to come to Canada. 

In the future, Cristie hopes to further her studies and knowledge in Immigration Law, and continue to build on the company's honest and valuable services made recognizable through her mother's continuous efforts and service. The motto of our company is “Your Future is in Good Hands” and that is what we are striving every single day to give to our ever growing clientele.

Natie Sotana

Natie Lasaleta Sotana was born and raised in the Philippines. Natie finished her degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Med before coming to Canada in 1982. Natie is married since 1983 to her college sweetheart Cris Sotana a veteran realtor, based in Vancouver.

They have two daughters, Cristie Lane, who finished her course in Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation and International Affairs, and is also now a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant. Her second daughter, Gerna Lane, a beauty Queen and Model, is in Simon Fraser University taking up Communications.  Besides two beautiful daughters, Natie and Cris has opened their hearts and home to two foster children, Meranda and Austina. They are also very proud of their two adopted children, Jessica, and Nicholas.

As a professional and devoted immigration consultant, Natie has been helping our “Kababayans” from all over the world to come to Canada since 1992. Natie finished her immigration course and got her diploma from UBC. Besides permanent residents, live-in care givers and visitors, Natie has also helped many Filipino singers, entertainers and movie actors and their crew members from the Philippines to come and entertain the Local Filipino Community.

Her career allows her to travel back to the Philippines three to four times a year to conduct free seminars all over the country.  Natie is a proud member of the Philippine-Canada trade council, in which she had the opportunity to meet with business leaders, and political figures from Canada, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Natie’s pride and joy is her family and friends and being able to help others through her business as a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant and her being able to share her good graces to others who needed it the most. Natie Supports local community organizations by volunteering her time on programs dealing with immigration. In recognition of her community service, professional success and competence, she received the Most Outstanding Filipino-Canadian in Business and Community Service Award from the Bb. Pilipinas World of Canada Association in Toronto, Canada in September 2006 and one of the Filipino Who's Who in British Columbia, presented by Dahong Pilipino lauding Filipino Canadians in BC who achoieved successes in their enavors. 

Comprehensive immigration support you, your family and your business can trust.



Natie Sotana and Cristie Lane Sotana-Tayde are regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). We are a full service Canada Immigration Consultancy. We offer a range of services including professional assistance with permanent residence visa processing, caregiver processing, student permits, visitors, business migration, family class sponsorship, temporary work permits, and all other types of Canada immigration applications.

Canada is a land of opportunities. If you are looking to come to Canada, whether for Permanent residence, employment or studies, we are here to assist you. 

Before we consider filling each application, we first do a thorough evaluation of each assessment of our applicants. We ensure that our applicant is qualified before we proceed with the contract agreement, to start with the application process. We will then prepare your application to ensure compliance with Canada’s immigration laws and will communicate directly with immigration officials to ensure efficient processing of your immigration application to Canada.

We also provide a free Canada Immigration Seminars and free assessment for our Canadian immigration application. 

We are personalized in providing outstanding services to make sure we acquire our clients' trust and satisfaction. We also, travel regularly to the Philippines to meet with our clients to bring them updates and to just communicate with them constantly. Mostly to let them know that we are around for whatever questions or concern they may have with their application. We know that trust is everything to our clients that is why we are there for them.